Monthly Archives: October 2016

VeraCrypt Security Audit

VERACRYPT SECURITY AUDIT In this age of everyone from the neighborhood kid, to criminals, to your own government, to foreign governments doing everything they can to access your data, it is mandatory to securely encrypt all of your storage devices. For macOS users, FileVault does an excellent job. For Windows 10 Pro users, Bitlocker is…
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Malware: What Is It Really?

Malware: What is it really? Malware is a household name nowadays. So is virus, worm, and trojan. To us, criminal hackers (as opposed to the good-guy hackers fighting for us, or simply learning how the system works) are the boogie men and these are their weapons, their tools. These malicious programs, A.K.A Malware, are indeed tools.…
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Malicious Mail

Malicious Mail The Dangers of Email and How to Avoid Them Email is one of the oldest forms of communication on the internet. It has become a standard for everything from finding a job to saying hi to mom, but like everything else that touches the world wide web, email can be insecure and even…
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