Practical Paranoia Windows 10 Upgrade: Chapter 20 Social Media


Practical Paranoia Windows 10 Security Essentials has just released its latest upgrade to v2.4. This new version contains a full chapter on how to protect your security and privacy when using social media services.

George Orwell had it wrong. Instead of the government installing cameras and watchers everywhere, we have done it to ourselves. Between selfies, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media, each of our entire lives is documented.

This information is of value not only to your online friends, but also to the government, your current and potential employer, and criminals.

Learn how to take back control over what the world knows about you. Download Practical Paranoia Windows 10 v2.4 Chapter 20 Social Media.

Be mindful that social media is just one piece of the security and privacy jigsaw. Each Practical Paranoia Security Essentials workbook contains up to 150 easy, fully illustrated assignments to ensure your computer, smartphone, and tablet is secured to the highest standards.

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