Announcing Practical Paranoia Live Editions

Announcing Practical Paranoia Security Essentials Live Editions

1440, Johannes Gutenberg creates the first revolution in the written word by inventing the printing press.

2007, Amazon introduces the first e-book reader, Kindle, launching the second revolution in the written word.

2017, The Practical Paranoid LLC introduces Live editions for all current version of Practical Paranoia Security essentials, starting the third revolution in the written word.

Live editions are exact pdf replicas of the printed edition, which are read directly from the publishers website via any web browser. In doing so, there are no longer any delays between updates and additions to the book, and then distribution of the book to the reader. Updates and additions are immediately seen in Live editions! Always be up to date, and have access to your books from any computer with internet access.

The entire Practical Paranoia Security Essentials series is available in paperback from all fine booksellers, in kindle from Amazon, and in Live exclusively from The Practical Paranoid.

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