Why did Apple change all the ports on the Macbook Pro to USB-C when you can’t connect your iPhone to it with the usual cable? Is this against Apple’s motto of simplicity and seamlessness?

I may well have missed the memo, but as a Certified Apple Consultant and Apple Developer, I’ve never heard that Apple had such a motto, and it is nowhere to be found in their mission statement (I may not have the current statement).

When would you like Apple to move to the next generation technology? Just because you don’t own a cable that works between an iPhone and USB C doesn’t mean they aren’t available. If apple didn’t jump quickly to newer, faster, technology, part of their value proposition would be lost.

USB-C is currently the fastest, most flexible, smallest connection port available for general use. It can provide everything from incoming/outgoing power up to 100W, 5K video, audio, ethernet, USB 2 & 3,  and Thunderbolt (all assuming the proper connector). There simply has never been anything like it.

And, unfortunately, like any other new technology, there are some challenges to implementation - such as the cost of either replacing existing peripherals so that they work directly with the new technology (such as getting a new USB-C monitor), or getting connectors to make the translation (such as a USB-C to HDMI connector so that you can continue to use the same monitor).

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