Apple Messages Security Rating Is High

 The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has just released a study of the major texting applications for smartphones. According to the report, Apple Messages security rating is high (listed in the report as iMessage).

As most of you know, I'm just a bit OCD over security. Even though my life is an open book, that doesn't necessarily mean I care to leave the bathroom door open! Texting has become the #1 method of communication. Sometimes that communication involves sensitive information that others should not have access. Tapping into the data stream carrying text messages is almost free, and just as easy to do. You can bet that at some point during the month, someone was listening in to your texting. Think of when you may have texted your password to someone, where the key to your front door is hidden, or perhaps the Killer Feature in your new business strategy. With this information in the wrong hands, life becomes troublesome.

When texting iOS to iOS device using the built-in iMessages or Messages, your communication is point-to-point encrypted. Even Apple can't read your data.

However, if you text iOS to some other app/device, all bets are off!

This is why I recommend using a cross platform texting app that can be used by all your staff, friends, and others with whom you communicate.

The EFF has pointed to a couple of options that are both cross platform and receive a 100% rating:

  • ChatSecure runs on both iOS and Android devices. Free.
  • Silent Text is part of the Silent Circle product group. Monthly charges apply. Appropriate for business, but not for casual use.

If you text, I strongly recommend that you download ChatSecure, and encourage your work mates and friends to do the same. Cross platform, free, and as secure as we can get (for the moment.)

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