Create an Encrypted Hamachi Mesh VPN Part 3

Assignment: File Sharing Within a Hamachi VPN Network

In this assignment we will file share within a Hamachi VPN network. Completing
the previous assignment is a prerequisite.
In the typical OS X network environment, one Mac can see another Mac over the
network using an automatic discovery protocol, Bonjour. This protocol isn’t in
effect over a VPN connection, so we will need a different method of accessing
other computers for file sharing and other network activities.
Before we begin, please make sure the other computer has System Preferences >
Sharing > File Sharing enabled, that SMB file sharing is enabled, and that you
know a username/password allowed to file share.

  1. Launch Hamachi, and verify the target computer is showing as Online. In this
    example, the other computer is named MIT-Spare-MBA.local.
  2. On your OS X computer, in the Finder, select the Go menu > Connect to Server.
    Enter afp://<name of computer> (to create an Apple Filing Protocol
    connection), or smb://<name of computer> (to create a Server Message Block
    connection) and then select the Connect button.

    • AFP is the legacy standard of communication between Apple computers.
    As of OS X 10.10, Apple is moving away from it in favor of SMB, the long-
    time Windows standard. You will likely have faster network throughput
    using SMB.

  3. When the Authentication window appears, select Registered User, and then
    enter your authorized Name and Password, and then select the Connect button.
  4. The available volumes (sharepoints) will appear. Select the desired volume,
    and then select the OK button.
  5. The volume will mount to your desktop. Double-click to open and navigate it
    just as if it were located on your physical network.
  6. To file share, all you need do is drag and drop between your computer drives
    and the mounted volume.
  7. When you are ready to disconnect from the remote computer, drag the
    mounted volume into the Eject Dock icon.

This blog is an update to Practical Paranoia: OS X Security Essentials v6. It will appear in the next update to the book, and is provided an an addendum for current holders of the 6th edition. It contains course materials and assignments for creating an encrypted Hamachi mesh VPN network.

Download the addendum

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