Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

Have you noticed anything different about MintzIT over the past 8 weeks?

No? Good, you shouldn't have!

But could the same have been said for your organization?

8 weeks ago the first floor of our our Santa Fe office was destroyed when a pipe burst, flooding 1200 sq feet with enough water to cover the electrical outlets.

Electrical system–blown. Alarm systems–dead. Internet connectivity–gone. Heating and cooling–dead, in need of replacement. Water heater–dead, in need of replacement. Network equipment–much of it waterlogged, in need of replacement. Occupancy–uninhabitable for 8 weeks.

That's right. For 8 weeks we've been working the Santa Fe operations from the Residence Inn. Nobody noticed. And nobody should have. (Well to tell the full truth, Candace noticed. Those Residence Inn breakfasts helped to add a few inches to my beltline.)

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning (DRBC) isn't just one of the most mind-numbing topics to bring up at a party, it is vital for every organization that aims to survive the insults life has to offer.

I'm so very grateful MintzIT walks its DRBC talk, or our clients would have suffered as much as we have over the past two months. With our full DRBC plan in place, when disaster struck, aside from having to deal with insurance, contractors, the small workspace provided by Residence Inn (and those breakfasts), it was business as usual.

Our DRBC plan starts with a remote hot-boot strategy. This means that should we lose all of our equipment, the entire organization is able to get back to work in minutes! All we need are bootable, internet-connected devices. Although my preference is for a computer with a large screen, I was able to run the business from just my iPhone. 

Is your business ready to survive a disaster?

Disaster recovery involves a set of policies, tools and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster.

Can your organization survive a catastrophic loss of all IT equipment? How about a lock-out of your facilities? What if leadership or core staff were suddenly lost?

If your organization doesn't already have a DRBC policy in place, this is the perfect time to build it. MintzIT is there to build it for you.

Contact Mintz InfoTech, Inc. to discuss how to help ensure your business success with a comprehensive Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan.


Marc L. Mintz, MBA-IT
President & CIO
Mintz InfoTech, Inc.
[email protected]

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