What Features Do Wireless Carriers Offer


After my blog last week on how to enable Wi-Fi calling on iOS, I received a comment that an iPhone 6s did not have a Wi-Fi calling menu, and how to fix that.

That was my bad... I neglected to state in my blog that each of the 44 wireless carriers in the USA offered different features and iOS support. Some do not offer Wi-Fi calling. As it turns out, the commenter did have a carrier that did not offer Wi-Fi calling. So, even though their iPhone 6s has the hardware necessary for this feature, and the iOS version installed supported it, the carrier did not–so the menu didn't appear on the iPhone.

Before blindly choosing a wireless carrier on just the monthly cost of the service, take a few minutes to review the features they support. The full report is available from Apple at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204039. A snapshot is shown below:

Notice that (the more expensive) ATT offers a total of 8 iOS-specific features/benefits, whereas (the less expensive) Family Mobile offers a total of 3. Should one have no need for the features missing with Family Mobile (phone unlocking, visual voicemail, VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling, and Wi-Fi Calling on supported iCloud-connected devices), then as long as Family Mobile operates in your geographical area, great deal. However, should you need one of these features, a different provider is called (get it, called?! Yup, slow day) for.

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