Free Upgrade to Practical Paranoia macOS 10.13 Security Essentials

Free Upgrade to Practical Paranoia macOS 10.13 Security Essentials

In case you have been living in an ice cave the past few months, ransomware and hacker attacks are increasing faster than ever. A vulnerability on one computer can almost immediately lead to compromising all computers.

Apple will be releasing its latest operating system–macOS 10.13, High Sierra–later this year. Practical Paranoia Security Essentials (PPSE) will be ready with a fully revised and updated macOS 10.13 edition. Our anticipated release date is September 1, 2017.

PPSE has been recognized as the easiest and most-comprehensive security guide available. Written with the new user in mind, but with the depth required by IT professionals. This fully-illustrated guide will allow you to quickly secure both home and business computers to the highest government standards.

Purchase Practical Paranoia macOS 10.12 Security Essentials from The Practical Paranoid by July 31, and receive a free book upgrade upon release.

Visit to order PPSE for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

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