Get Enterprise-Level Anti-Malware For Your Home and Office

Having quality anti-malware (often called antivirus) software on all of your computers is vital. So vital, it is mandatory for all healthcare, banking, government, military, and any other IT systems that must meet compliance requirements.

The anti-malware that is built into both Windows and macOS do a fair job of protecting your computer, but it is simply not good enough!

Most computer users operate without 3rd-party anti-malware. Which goes a long way to explaining why there are hundreds of millions of malware infections, over $24 Billion in credit card fraud, and an epidemic of identity theft each year.

Of those uses who have installed anti-malware, the majority use free software (give thought to how the developer is monetizing their "free" software), or substandard software. Yes, there are plenty of commercial anti-malware applications that actually decrease your security, instead of improving it!

I've written a number of blogs on how to find the right anti-malware for your environment. But I'll save you time reading.

Bitdefender is consistently rated among the top products available. That's the good news. The bad news is they have so many different versions, it is difficult to figure out which to purchase. I'll save you more time reading. My universal recommendation–for the individual home user, small business, up through the enterprise business–is Bitdefender GravityZonePlease don't mistake this for Bitdefender Central, Total Security, or their other consumer-level offerings. This is the real-deal for the most comprehensive protection.

However, Bitdefender GravityZone requires a minimum of 3 licenses, and a deep level of configuration. This puts it beyond the reach of the individual user, family, or small business. Until now.

And now for some great news. You can now get Bitdefender GravityZone with as few as 1 license (one macOS or Windows computer), for as little as $40/year/device, pre-configured to offer you the highest level of malware protection.

This offer is available only from MintzIT, a certified Bitdefender provider

MintzIT will even customize your Bitdefender configuration to meet your unique needs. And although you probably won't need it, we can even remotely install it for you.

Get Bitdefender GravityZone today

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