How To Turn Off Google Spam Filtering

I really like Google G-Suite products. And unless your email needs require PGP encryption (in which case I'd recommend only, Google Mail is my go-to solution.

One of the reasons I so highly value G-Suite is their best-in-class spam filtering. However, it is possible that for some users, life would be easier without this spam filtering. A few examples come to my mind:

  • You prefer to have manual control over how the spam filtering works. For this, you may use a stand-alone spam filter, or one built into your email client.
  • You work in the healthcare industry, and automatic spam filters think email from drug manufacturers are spam. (Same type of problem will be true if you work in the breast augmentation, penis enlargement, or mortgage fields ūüėČ

Google doesn't provide an on/off switch for their spam filtering, but with just a few mouse clicks you can create one yourself!

  1. Open browser to, and then log in to your email.
  2. On the upper right, go to Gear icon > Settings.
  3. Select Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  4. Select Create a new filter at the bottom.
  5. In the Has the words field, enter is:spam.
  6. Click Create filter with this search.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Enable Never Send it to Spam.
  9. Select Create Filter.

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