What media would one use to store a large amount of data (4000 MB) to transfer to a different computer?

Without getting esoteric options, we have:

  • magnetic hard drives
    • Least expensive
    • Slower than RAID or ssd
    • Faster than online
  • Solid state drives
    • Most expensive
    • Fastest
  • RAID (comprised of multiple magnetic hard drives or solid state drives)
    • Faster than hard drives
    • Can be faster than solid state if combining multiple SSD’s
    • Less expensive than a single SSD
  • Online storage.
    • Least expensive
    • Massively slow (depending on you internet speed, could take months)

Were it me, I’d buy a 4-drive RAID box, put 4, 2TB SSD’s in it, configure as either stripped or RAID 5 (preferable), and let her rip.

However, if cost is an issue, buy a single 6TB hard drive (under $150). It will take 4–10x longer, but cost 1/10th as much.

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