My Technology OMG! Moment

Years back, Business Week magazine published a study on what personal computer IT upgrade provides the biggest return on investment. Issues such as faster cpu, more RAM, larger storage (they didn't have "faster" storage back then as we do now with SSD and Flash drives), and monitor size were evaluated.

The study prompted me to make a major change to my office workflow. I purchased two 19" Sony Trinitron monitors for each of my staff as well as myself (at the time, these were the largest, highest resolution, truest-color professional monitors available). This allowed us to have (what was for the time) vast screen real estate on which to work. If I recall correctly, these monitors cost around $2,000 each.

My organization saw an immediate boost in productivity. We were able to produce quality work must faster than our competitors, while being more profitable.

Over the past few years I've been using two HD or 4K 27" monitors for my work. This also has worked to my advantage. However, I've never been able to run the 4K's at full resolution because I simply couldn't see text that small.

While searching for a solution, I picked up a 43" 4K monitor last week as an experiment. My first thought when even considering it was you have got to be freaking kidding. 43 inches? You've got a broken back and neck - you can't even turn side to side to view everything on the screen! But, doing the math, the overall width is a bit shorter than two 27" monitors side-by-side, so down went my credit card.

When the monitor was delivered, my fears came up again. I could barely reach side to side to pick up the box. Didn't matter. Couldn't lift it anyway! So I dragged it to my office, set up the beast, connected to my MacBook Pro, and powered on.

In less than a second, I knew this was every bit the game changer that twin Trinitrons were years ago. Running at full 4K resolution, I'm able to have three remote sessions open, email, browser, Wire, Signal, and Messages windows open - oh, and as an added benefit, connected my Roku to play Picture In Picture while working.

Without any doubt, this monster monitor makes a significant impact on my ability to get my work done. Instead of scrolling, screen switching, application hiding, and other gimmicks, I can see everything under one plane of glass. This monitor paid for itself in under a week.

If you are in the market for a new monitor - heck, even if you aren't in the market for a new monitor, you owe it to yourself to think outside the 27" box. You will be so glad you did so.

Note: The monitor I purchased is an LG 43UD79-B 43" Ultra HD 4K IPS Monitor. $499 at Costco, $646 at Amazon. You will need a computer with a video card capable of 4K output. This particular unit has 2 30Hz HDMI, 2 60Hz HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C connections.

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