New Edition Just Released-Practical Paranoia macOS 10.12

New Edition Just Released-Practical Paranoia macOS 10.12

Practical Paranoia macOS 10.12 is the best-selling, easiest, most comprehensive guide to securing your Mac, data, intellectual property, communications, and personal identity. Period!

Written for the non-technical macOS user to secure their personal computer, while covering everything that an IT professional needs to secure the enterprise computer. And while the Practical Paranoia Security Essentials series is used in both STEM and college security courses, it is perfect for DIY. Every aspect of macOS security is stripped of technobabble, simply explained, and then demonstrated in step-by-step illustrated assignments.

And with this new release, it's even better. In fact, it's one of a kind.

No other cybersecurity book can offer this benefit. Practical Paranoia Security Essentials has always been available in both paperback and kindle, but this new release is also available in Live format. As the security landscape changes, we update Practical Paranoia. So that you also stay up to date, the Live edition immediately reflects the changes as we make them.

The Live edition is an exact pdf replica of the print edition of the book. It is not downloaded, but is instead read directly from our cloud servers using any browser from any computer or mobile device.

Order your Practical Paranoia macOS 10.12 Live edition before July 1, 2017, and receive a Practical Paranoia iOS 10 Live edition FREE.

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