Practical Paranoia OS X 10.11 Security Essentials Update


As of June 13, 2016, Practical Paranoia OS X 10.11 Security Essentials v1.8 is available via Kindle. The print version should hit the shelves within the next two weeks.

Practical Paranoia OS X 10.11 Security Essentials v1.8 incorporates all of the chapter updates we have been posting since February, 2016. All new voice, video conferencing, and instant messaging tools, new information on anti-malware, and much more!

The Kindle update is free for all Kindle users.

Practical Paranoia OS X 10.11 Security Essentials

Official workbook for the Practical Paranoia: Security Essentials Workshop. Designed for both workshop use and self-study. The entire workshop is contained within the book. Includes all instructor presentations, hands-on assignments, links to all software, security checklist, and review Q&A.

  • You don't need to be paranoid to know they are out there to get your computer, data, and identity.
  • 2,000,000 laptops were stolen or lost in the US last year.
  • Malware attacks on OS X have become commonplace.
  • Dozens of eyes may be able to see your name and password, along with the contents of every email you send.
  • Once the bad guy has his hands on your Macintosh, it takes under one minute to bypass your password to gain access to all your data.
  • With a slight bit of social engineering your iCloud account, along with all its data, is freely accessible.
  • Through PRISM and other avenues, our government has access to your online browsing and email history.

You don't need to be an Apple Genius to protect your System!

In this easy, step-by-step guide, CIO, Security Specialist, and Certified Apple Consultant Marc Mintz takes any OS X user–from the novice with no technical skills, to experienced IT professional–through the process of fully encrypting and hardening the security of their computer, data, email, documents, network, Instant Messaging, storage devices, computer, iCloud, browsing, and entire Internet experience.

Guaranteed to be the easiest to follow and most comprehensive OS X security book.

View the entire Practical Paranoia Security Essentials workbook library.

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