Practical Paranoia: Security Essentials

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Author: Marc L. Mintz, MBA-IT, ACTC, ACSP
President & CIO
Mintz InfoTech, Inc.

Computer security impacts everyone. It puts our business and personal information, and personal identity at risk. Protecting your computers, mobile devices, and information has been an expensive task requiring IT professionals and many hours of dedicated work.

Until now.

Marc L. Mintz, International IT trainer and security expert wrote these books for you: Android, iPhone, iPad, OS X, and Windows users who want to keep their computers, mobile devices, and business and personal information secure from penetration, theft, and damage.

Marc has developed clear explanations and procedures for everything you need to know to protect your equipment and data. All of the Practical Paranoia Security Essentials books are written for the non-technical user in, while covering the breadth and depth expected by the experienced IT professional. All are guaranteed to be the easiest and most comprehensive security guides you can buy.

Why You Should Be Paranoid:

  • According to a study by Symantec, an average enterprise-wide data breach has a recovery cost of $5 million.
  • According to the FBI, 2 million laptops are stolen or lost in the US each year. Of those 2 million, only 3% are ever recovered.
  • Out of the box, Android, iOS, OS X, and Windows can be broken into, bypassing password protection, in less than 5 minutes.
  • The typical email is clearly readable at dozens of points along the Internet highway on its trip to the recipient. And most likely it is read by somebody you don't know.
  • All of your phone calls and video conferences are accessible by not only your telco and government agencies, but by criminals and business competitors.
  • The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) promises the government easy access to all of your electronic communications.
  • PRISM allows government agencies to collect and track data on any American.

The list goes on, but we have lives to live and you should be getting the point — it is not a matter of if your data will ever become compromised, only a matter of when and how often. Practical Paranoia is the easiest and most comprehensive book available to strengthen your security and privacy.

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