Q: How to connect my pool house to my home network?

A. There are a couple ways to do this (extend your home network to another building) economically:

  1. Extend an Ethernet cable from the router in the home to the pool house. This should be done by an electrician, either by trenching a cable or running it overhead (not recommended - risk of being hit by lightning). At the pool house, you can connect an Ethernet switch to create multiple additional Ethernet ports to connect devices, or connect a WiFi access point so that devices can connect wirelessly.
  2. Use a directional antenna at the home and pool house to connect using WiFi. This is a viable solution only if there is a clear line of sight between the two buildings.

The Ethernet cable option is the ideal option, as there is no sacrifice in network speed. However, it will usually be the more costly option.

A directional antenna is simple and inexpensive, but will introduce a performance penalty on the remote building network, and is limited to line of site connection.

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