Q: What equipment/services do I need to set up my home office for telecommuting jobs?

A: In large part this depends on the specific needs of the telecommuting job, but here are the basics required by any telecommuter:

  • A reliable computer that is faster than you. If your computer is a performance/productivity bottleneck, your employer will likely notice and find someone else who can be more productive.
  • The software mandated by the client (MS Office, etc.).
  • Internet. The speed is dependent on the job. If you are having to upload or download 100’s of GB data daily, you’ll need as fast as you can get.
  • Web cam.
  • Digital (USB) Headset with a microphone. Using your computer microphone is frustrating for the other end - you will sound like you are in a tin can.
  • Anti-Virus software.
  • Windows 10 Professional or macOS. This is to allow for full disk encryption of your computer drive.
  • VPN. This typically takes the form of a VPN appliance (black box) at your location that will encrypt your communications with the home office, and allow your computer to be connected to the network as if you were there.

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