Remove Adobe Acrobat “Please wait while the document is being prepared” alert

Many of our clients have recently noticed a new alert appearing when opening files in Adobe Acrobat (both Reader and Pro). The alert reads: Content Preparation Progress. Please wait while the document is being prepared for reading."

Adobe support says this alert should normally not appear, but may with large (number of pages or file size) documents. I personally have seen it with a small 1-page pdf file.

Even if it appears, it shouldn't stay for more than a few seconds. However, more often than not, it simply sits there like an unwanted relative "just staying for a few days."

There is a fix:

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Select Acrobat > Preferences.
  3. Select Reading from the side bar.
  4. In the Screen Reader Options area, click the Page vs Document pop-up menu, and then select Only read the currently visible pages.
  5. Click the Ok button and then return to work.
  6. You shouldn't see the alert again!

Adobe Acrobat Reading Preference

6 Responses

  1. this preference setting DOES NOT stop the progress bar from popping up every time I change pages.
    • My solution in Mac OS x was >Adobe Acrobat Pro > Preferences> Accessibility> (uncheck) Enable assistive technology support. Can this message be about preparing the pdf for audio presentation?
  2. Marc's fix along with Judy's "(uncheck) Enable assistive technology support "took care the popup on my Win10 PC.
  3. The suggested approach to change View preferences in Adobe worked perfectly on my Mac OSX 10.13. I opened single page and multipage pdfs that previously used to show this annoying pop up but now its gone. Thanks.
  4. I'd like to try the fix but Abobe crashes when I select 'Reading' from the side bar .
  5. Doesn't work. Stuck on this with 2 page document.

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