Marc remains my trusted Computer Support Guru above all others, though a number of years ago I moved to Silicon Valley from New Mexico. And, as Silicon Valley is Mac Mecca, you know there are a great number of excellent Apple Consultants from which I may choose. Still, I continue to choose Marc. He has been my IT department since 2003. Marc's knowledge is wide and deep. He keeps himself educated in all of Apple's emerging technologies and software. He is very responsive to a call for help, and his solutions are elegant and efficient, not a time-consuming, brute-force effort that leaves you grinding your teeth. Most importantly, he offers you information to help you make the best decision for your issue, educating you in the process. I trust Marc... I trust him to solve my problem, do it efficiently and always with humor. His expertise and integrity has earned my complete loyalty. I wholeheartedly recommend Marc and Mintz Info Tech to you!