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2015 brings us into a new chapter of our business. Our business model has been turned on its head, requiring not only a different name, but a different corporate entity.

The "computer support" field is filled with individuals and businesses holding onto the 1970's business model of "Break/Fix". While that business model worked to keep businesses running, it did nothing to contribute to the success of an organization.

A new model was developed. More progressive computer professionals moved to a "managed services" model. Under this model, the IT support group would monitor the functions of your systems, and intervene when problems were found. This provided faster support, but still brought little to the success of an organization.

The latest, and most successful model is that of the "Virtual CIO"–a 3rd-party IT support organization that not only provides break-fix, 24/7/365 health monitoring of your entire system, but most importantly provides the leadership and insight for how technology can be best used for your organizations competitive advantage.

Mintz InfoTech is uniquely positioned to be your Virtual CIO and IT department by providing comprehensive technology support for your organization. While all other Technology consulting groups provide computer support, we have the only true, fully-certified business IT consultant heading our organization with the mission to provide New Mexico's small and medium businesses with the same Chief Information and Technology Officer resources that are otherwise only available to large businesses.

You no longer need to depend on the technology sales person to sell tell you, or spend dozens of hours Googling to guess what you or your organization needs. You now have your own CIO and support staff available with the skills to make the best possible decisions. We can provide the most professional system installation, staff training, routine maintenance, remote monitoring, and remote support. All with faster response times, 24/7/365 support, and a Total Cost of Ownership that is less than the uncertified, non-credentialed competition.

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