VeraCrypt Security Audit


In this age of everyone from the neighborhood kid, to criminals, to your own government, to foreign governments doing everything they can to access your data, it is mandatory to securely encrypt all of your storage devices.

For macOS users, FileVault does an excellent job. For Windows 10 Pro users, Bitlocker is equally qualified. Unfortunately, neither is cross-platform compatible, and Bitlocker requires Windows 10 Pro, and works best with "business-grade" computers that have a TPM chip installed.

What to do if you require cross-platform security? VeraCrypt is my personal choice as the best storage device (hard disk drive, solid state drive, flash drive, thumb drive) encryption utility. My reasons include:

  • Independently audited and verified.
  • Cross-platform compatible (Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows)
  • Free

If there is a downside to VeraCrypt, it is the cost of being cross-platform compatible requires that the storage devices be in a common format. The end user must create a virtual volume in this common format. Doing so the first time is a bit easier than learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels, and you have zero risk of falling down.

VeraCrypt has just completed its latest independent security audit. A summary may be found here <>. The audit report may be found at the bottom of the page here <>.

The audit report says it best in the final line: VeraCrypt is much safer after this audit, and the fixes applied to the software mean that the world is safer when using this software.

If you are in need of a cross-platform storage encryption utility, VeraCrypt is among the very best options available. Should you have any difficulty with its use, the Practical Paranoia Security Essentials books detail installation and use.

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