Windows 10 Guarantee

Practical Paranoia: Windows 10 Security Essentials, the best-selling, easiest, and most comprehensive guide to fully securing your home and office PC, has just received a significant update, and will be on bookshelves within 2 weeks.

This update includes Windows 10 changes introduced over the past month, as well as a new chapter covering encryption of audio and video communications.

This new chapter is significant. Almost every Windows user has Skype for audio and video communications. What few know is that Skype is anything but secure. Not only does Microsoft and the US Government harvest Skype messages, but due to poor security, it is easily intercepted by criminals, business competitors, and neighbor kids.

If your voice and video conversations contain any sensitive or personal information (hmmm... is it possible NOT to have such information?), it is vital to ensure secure communications. The new chapter covers how, and provides easy, step-by-step instructions for doing so.

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